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It is now 6:29 PM Sunday evening. I decided to spend my evening reading the sermons of Joseph Irons. It is a quiet evening and I feel like reading some sermons by an old High Calvinist. The last time I was reading Irons I was a sermon found in volume two of 'Grove Chapel Pulpit Sermons' the sermon is titled OUR HIGH PRIEST the text for this sermon was taken from the Epistle to the Hebrews chapter 9 verse 25 "Nor yet that He should offer Himself often, as the high priest entereth into the holy place year with blood of others." I like to quote the end of this gospel sermon-

"Then let me lead you on to one thought more, and I will draw to a close. The Trinity is glorified, and the Church is saved. This is the final triumph; the consummation, if I may so speak, of our glorious High Priest. The Trinity is glorified; the Father's fixed purposes of unchanging love are carried out, and accomplished to the fullest extent. The Son's joint love with the Father, co-equal and co-eternal, displayed and manifested to the very same persons, on the very same grounds, for the very same ends-to bring many sons to glory. The Spirit's love, according to the registration by His own hand in the Book of Life, manifested in ministering to the very vessels of mercy for whom Jesus bled, bringing them to His feet, creating within them a capacity to approach and enjoy God-revealing Christ in his glories and official character to their souls-enabling them to plead His merits and righteousness, shedding abroad the Father's love in their hearts, and drawing, attracting, constraining, winning, and engaging souls that are born from above, to keep up their conversation in heaven, and from thence to be looking for the Saviour. There is not an attribute of Deity which he does not glorify, as well as all the personalities-His holiness, His justice, His truth, His love, His mercy, His condescension, His immutability, His omniscience, His omnipresence, His eternity;-self-existent Jehovah, glorified in the perfect and entire work of our great High Priest. Is not thy soul burning with love to Him? Canst thou not by faith follow Him within the veil-"Father, I will that those whom Thou hast given me be with me in glory?" Dost thou not witness, since we have been speaking of Him, another, another, and another entering into bliss, welcoming home by Christ, placed side by side with Him on the throne, and Jesus smiling with delight, and saying, "Here am I, and the children Thou has given me?"

Ere long, it will be thy turn, and mine. Ere long, the glorious Priest, who ever lives, shall bid us come away. Ere long, He will send us His messenger to beckon us to eternal glory, opening to the view our precious Christ in His own glorious body, waiting to receive us, angelic hosts dividing their ranks, a glorious way made open to the throne for souls emancipated. Your's and mine go forth at liberty, enjoy the freedom of eternal life, the rest that is preparing for His own saints. Await the happy hour. Look for the arrival of the messenger. Be concerned, as long as you stay in the wilderness, to exalt and honour our precious, glorious High Priest. May He command a blessing upon this effort to honour Him, and His dear name shall have all the glory. Amen." Joseph Irons pages 11,12

6:58 p.m. - 2017-08-27


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