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I am dying from consumption

The Development of Psychedelic Poster Design

It is 8:37 AM Saturday morning and I am coming to grips with my day off from work. I got up at 7:25 AM this morning. I was having a crazy dream about cannibalism. I got up and let the old man dog out to do his thing. I got the morning paper off the porch. There is snow on the ground but it is not bitter cold. I next got on the computer and read diaries of my friends and then wrote e-mails to friends. Carol came home from work and soon went to bed after looking through the paper. I fixed myself breakfast and now here I sit with the day in front of me.

Last night Bethany rented three movies and I sat and watched two of them with her. We watched first "Billy Elliot" and then "Kate & Leopold". I went to bed around 11:15 PM. I read for awhile the book "The Portable Sixties Reader" before calling it another Day. Right now I can not get into anything. I am out of it mentally. I like to get back into the novel "The Brothers Karamazov" by Dostoevsky but I am in a period of digestion. I usually read a large amount of stuff and then I have to stop and think about what I have read or studied. I have to let it sink down into my being-soul. I like to ponder stuff for awhile. I am follow the ancient practice of lectio divina.

Also last night I sat in my study and read Magnet magazine and my old Adult Sunday school class notes on the History of OT Israel.

At work Thursday it was announced that the Egg Division would be leaving off five people. One of our major producers decided to stop having their eggs processed at our plant so things are going to get very slow. My boss told me yesterday since he knows I worry that he does not plan to lay me off. I was laid off once before for four months a year and half ago (it was around that time I started writing in LiveJournal my typical american existence). My boss told me I will be working for the Egg Division for the next 15 years-till I retire. When my boss said that to me I heard church bells knell-I heard my coffin being nailed shut. But I am a consumer and I do need money if I am going to continue living a comfortable middle class existence. Also what else is there for me to do O Lord? I have not received from my heavenly Father any clue on what I am to Do the rest of my life. It is the will of my heavenly Father that I work. I just have to get use to feeling like crap all the time. I suppose if I lived in a constant state of prayer things would not look so dark? I suppose it is a blessing to have a 40 hour week job in these poor economic times? I am typing to the music of Majave 3 and Ugly Casanova. Last night I ordered two used CD's one by Acid Mothers Temple and one by Joseph Arthur. I also ordered this week the new Tori Amos CD and the new Pedro The Lion CD. If I did not work I could not consume. I am dying from consumption.

So what else is on my mind this morning to write down? I can not think of anything so I will close to mess with the computer. In the book "The Portable Sixties Reader" there is a wonderful essay titled "Psychedelic Rock Posters: History, Ideas, And Art" by Sally Tomlinson-get the book and read this piece.

9:39 a.m. - 2003-02-01


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