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It is 10:30 PM Thursday night and I once again brandished to the lower level for the night. I often tell my wife it is very lonely down here among my library of old used books. There are very few new books in my library. I basically saved old books from being hauled off to a city dump.

It is a close of another day in Time for me. Tomorrow will be another day in Time. Time Time Time. Tomorrow in Time is ladled a Friday. I usually volunteer at our local library used books store The Book Nook on Friday's from 10 AM till 1 PM, but the library will be closed for the Christmas holidays. So I can spent all my Time here inside our home waiting out Time.

I basically today wrote in my paper diary and read from this book, 'Days Of The Phoenix: The Nineteen-Twenties I Remember' A Memoir By Van Wyck Brooks.

Carol was gone most of the afternoon visiting her sister-in-law today. She got home early evening from visiting her sister-in-law. When she got home I was sitting in our dining room writing in my paper diary and reading, 'Days Of The Phoenix'.

Now I am down in the lower level waiting to get sleepy enough to go to bed. Last night I went to bed around 11 o'clock PM, but laid in the dark unable to fall asleep so I got up around Midnight and wrote in my online diary/wrote out a list of the books I had shown in the video I filmed last night down here. Lately I have been reading a book titled, 'The Ordeal Of Mark Twain' a literary biography by Van Wyck Brooks, so last night I decided to film a video showing what books I had been reading on Mark Twain or by Mark Twain. While filming the video my camera battery died so the film came to a sudden ending like life in general. I posted this crazy video because it was pure reality unedited. It was a flash of me showing folks who subscribe to my Youtube channel some of my Mark Twain books. Over the last five years I have posted in my Youtube channel over 1,000 videos (maybe more). I consider my Youtube videos visual diaries of a Christian book lover. I share my Life Time in Youtube and in four online diaries Also Facebook and Flickr. I am a Christian evangelist. I am not to hide my light under a bush. I am to let my Light Time Shine. I have nothing to hide. I am a New Man In Christ Jesus. I am a living epistle.

I also have been reading lately another book titled, 'Van Wyck Brooks: In Search of American Culture' By James Hoopes. I suppose I will now close to look at this book as Time goes by. Till me meet again. peace

7:34 a.m. - 2021-12-24


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