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the eye of the affections

"The unitive stage is the ultimate stage; on this third pathway the
soul proceeds toward union with God, toward being “transformed into
God,” as Hugh declares. He maintains that mystical wisdom is an im-
mediately infused knowledge of God that is not available except by way
of unitive apprehension, which occurs not by means of “the eye of the
intellect” but by means of “the eye of the affections.” Unitive appre-
hension takes place beyond reason, intellect, mind. It takes place where
all reflection, all contemplation, all conceptualizing have been left be-
hind and where the soul takes leave even of all consciousness of itself
as a self. The unitive pathway begins with a series of industries, i.e., of
holy endeavors that bring the soul nearer to its Beloved. During the
course of these endeavors there is guiding reflection and devout con-
templation. However, at the highest level of unitive elevation all such
guiding- and motivating-reflection, all such conceiving and cognizing,
are transcended, so that the soul ascends ignorantly and “mindlessly”
to the unknown God. There is no further contemplation of the Lord’s
Prayer, of the Lord’s sufferings, of the Holy Trinity, of the angels, or of
the saints. Rather, love is divinely infused into the summit of the soul’s
affective power (supremus apex affectivae) as the soul is elevated un-
reflectingly unto “the brightness of the Divine Incomprehensibility.”
At some moment amid this empty receptiveness, characterized
only as a supremely yearning directedness, the soul mystically and ec-
statically encounters God and is spiritually united to Christ in a bond
of indescribable love and joy. This is the moment when mystical wis-
dom is infused, so that the soul knows immediately that which could
never be learned through the operation of the senses, the imagina-
tion, reason, or the intellect. Now is the timeless-like moment when
the loving soul finds its longings satisfied and finds rest from all its
strivings. This state of quietudo is a foretaste of the unspeakable peace
and gladness that will both comfort and delight redeemed souls in
the future, Heavenly life."

a quote from "Hugh Of Balma On Mystical Theology: A Translation and an Overview of his "De Theologia Mystica"" by Jasper Hopkins (found online)

music: The Black Angels "Passover"

6:06 p.m. - 2006-05-28


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