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the knowledge of God involves release from spiritual bondage

the knowledge of God involves release from spiritual bondage

It is going on 10 o'clock on a cold Friday night. This evening I sat with Bethany and watched a movie she got out of the Public Library-the movie was 'Mansfield Park'-I saw the movie awhile back on PBS. After watching the video movie with my daughter I went to my study and read the book "The Revelation of God" by Peter Jensen. Carol is getting ready to go to work and Bethany went to bed-she is not feeling well. I have been wandering the house listening to Acid Mothers Temple on my portable CD player. I hate to go to bed on a Friday night-I want to enjoy my time Off from the egg pit. I suppose there is nothing to do but to wander the house. Well I will close with a quote from the book "The Revelation of God" (I love to quote from books. When I was in college and seminary my professors told me I had too many quotes in my class papers-I love to quote from books-I love all the Words found in quotes.)

"From this typical Pauline passage we can estimate the significance of the gospel. By God we learn God. The gospel is the very means by which God prosecutes his work in the world; it is the means he uses to inform the world of its central truth; it is the way he applies the salvation of the atoning death of Jesus to men and women. Since the gospel is about God's grace, the way to knowing God is a way of grace. It does depend for its initiation and closure not upon human merit or effort, but upon God's kindness. In the whole complex of events by which God reconciles the world to himself, the gospel plays an indispensable role: 'faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ' (Rom. 10:17). Indeed, in the end it is God who is the evangelist, it is his call that is issued in the form of the gospel, and it is he who brings us to faith (2 Thess. 2:13-14). We may trace the same power attributed to the word of the gospel not only in Paul, but in Peter (1 Pet. 1:23-25), James (1:18-25), Hebrews (4:2, 12-13), Acts (6:7; 14:21) John (17:17,20) and the Synoptics (Mark 4:20; 8:39). It is a given of the New Testament. In short, so fundamental to the knowledge of God is the gospel that we may properly regard it as the type or paradigm of true revelation. It teaches us what revelation is and what it achieves." pg.37 Peter Jensen

10:31 p.m. - 2003-02-14


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