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well here I am

well here I am

I am home from work-I got home the usual time 4:18 p.m. no one was around to greet me-Carol had gone to bed-the boys were down in the basement-Beth was at work-I got in the mail a book titled "In Defense Of The Decalogue:A Critique Of New Covenant Theology" by Richard C. Barcellos-I cleaned up and ate some food-looked through the morning paper-I checked the computer for e-mail-wrote an e-mail-talked to Caleb Jon-wandered the house at a lost-Carol got up to face existence-we talked alittle-I looked through the book "In Defense Of The Decalogue" the book looks like a defense of Calvinism and not a serious examination of NT Theology/Pauline Theology-no where in the biolography does Barcellos examine the writings of leading scholars of the theology of the Apostle Paul-the book is a disappointment but I will still look through the book-the book is more a long essay not a major tome.

Work was a total pain! I came home a beaten man-all my life force sucked out of me.

I had the same old cow dung on my mind at work today-nothing new floating around my brain ocean space today as I worked knee deep in egg shit.

Last night I mainly messed with the computer-read the book "The Religion of Paul the Apostle" by John Ashton-went to bed around 10 o'clock-slept normal-woke up at 6:10 a.m. to go to work again-no escape for me.

I will close to read livejournals-drink a coke-rock to Starflyer 59.

time to kill

I read some livejournals-I find it interesting to read the lives of other people-I really enjoy writing down my existence in my livejournal-it is fun to write down words-I wish I had more to write but I am a simple guy-I am a bookworm-I am not into movies or television-I do not go anywhere-I am a family man-I like being home with my family-books-music-ink-paper-I like being in this house-behind four walls-free to roam around my brain-seek visions.

At work I stand all day working-since my co-worker does not speak English I do not utter a word all day-while I work I try to get lost in my thoughts when the pain in my body allows me.

I do not always remember where my mind was at at work when I come home?-my biggest task is not to go nuts at work-I often pray to God while I work to help me SEE rightly what is going on-give me His perspective on Reality-existence in dead American world-I pray for the Holy Spirit to give me the strength to do my boring job-give me a glimpse of heaven-help me see that this life is quickly over then eternity-I hate not being at peace with my existence-my lot in life-I want to be content with my existence "Now godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out" 1 Tim 6:6,7

I should try to read my books this evening-turn off the music and read my books-tomorrow is a Wednesday which is a Pay Day-I already spent my weekly allowance last Saturday-I got stuff coming in the mail this week-the Lord is good-today Carol Mack to the vet's-that cost us $50.00-that dog has cost us almost $100.00 this month-but he is not a dog but a person-a Keen so I do not mine spending money for Mack's well-being-next Wednesday Joe moves to Calvin College-this coming Friday Caleb Jon goes back to East Lansing-summer is coming to a close-soon Fall will soon be here and all the kids will be back to school.

I will close to drift-I need to rest my tired body.

7:54 p.m. - 2001-08-21


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