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It is 6:47 AM Sunday morning in the divine flow. It is a sunny cloudy morning here by Lake Michigan. I am up early because the dog wanted out of his crate to go to the bathroom. So I am up to face the light of day. When I got up I made a pot of coffee and then I came over to our main computer to see how the world is doing. I also read my LiveJournal blogs and Diaryland blogs in the mornings. Some people in LiveJournal I have been reading for many years. So here I sit gathering my thoughts. There was something I wanted to write about but right now I can not remember what it was.

I thought about updating that entry A HUNDRED FACTS ABOUT MYSELF that I wrote way back in 2001 or was it 2003? I also posted that old entry in 2006. Our three kids were not married when I wrote that entry 100 Facts. Now our kids are married and we have grandchildren. I got fired from my egg hauling job in June 2007 and have not worked since. I got fired for being a complainer. You can read about that episode in my blog if you want to know the whole ugly mess. It was a blessing to get fired from my egg hauling job back in the Summer of 2007 because I was going insane working as a egg slave. I am living or have lived the life I have always wanted a quiet reflective Christian existence. I wanted to be a Soul Winner or a Teaching Elder in some Bible believing fellowship, but the Lord had other plans for this old goat. As I look back I can see if I had gone into the Gospel Ministry it would have killed me. I could never have survived living in a fish bowl/living in a glass house. I suppose I never found out my calling in life. I live by faith.

Today is Father's Day. Our son Josiah and his wife Hannah sent me a Amazon gift card which was nice of them. I am a father and now a grandfather. Weird. I am a grandpa.

Last night I read, "The Essays of A.J. Muste" and went to bed early with my wife. I did catalog all those used books I got yesterday into my LibraryThing site. After I cataloged all those books I took them down in the lower level or our open basement and put them in their proper stack or place. My books are arranged in a certain order down in the basement. I am running out of space down in the lower level. I might start storing books in plastic bins in the future.

Today is a Sunday, Carol goes to church this morning and goes back to work tonight.

I should read my books on the Acts of the Apostle. I should read my Bible and pray.

Well I will close to drift.

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7:14 a.m. - 2014-06-15


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