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the intellect is the seed-plot of spiritual procreation

It is 12:35 PM Monday afternoon here in Western Michigan. It is a cold gray day. A day to rake leaves and burn old diaries in a fireplace. We have a fireplace but do not use it because Carol can't stand wood smoke. I miss wood fires. Many years ago my first foster parent had a wood stove and I liked sitting in front of it at night. There is something primitive about sitting in front of a wood fire. Imagine thousands of years ago men and women cooked and made love by wood fires.

I got up this morning around 7:15 AM. When I came upstairs Carol was getting dressed to take Ollie for his morning walk. I had a normal morning. I wrote in my paper diary and read from a book titled, '"Dominus Illumination Mea" Commentary On The Davidic Psalms' Volume II Psalms 26-50 By Denis The Carthusian. I did take a break to mess with our main computer, take some pictures of the last of the wildflowers in my Wildflower Garden. I did talk to Carol about the mysteries of life today. The more I know the more I do not know. I am in the Cloud of Unknowing. I live in the dark night of the soul. I am living by faith in a fallen world gone mad. All around me are demonic powers controlling American politics. Some Christians would say Mob Boss Trump is a anti-christ manifestation.

This afternoon I have been writing in my paper diary and reading, 'Mulligan Stew' A Novel by Gilbert Sorrentino. Carol is in her Book Room working on her Woman's Bible Study on Habakkuk (Old Testament Minor Prophet).

Last night Carol and I watched college football till 9:25 PM. We turned off the television and prayed around 9:30 PM. Carol and I prayed and then we went our separate ways. I read till 11 o'clock PM 'Pessoa: A Biography' by Richard Zenith. Now it is Labor Day 2022 the last official day of Summer 2022.

I keep going over in my mind a story I recently heard about a woman who died. The woman had been falling down throughout the week and her husband every day she passed out on the floor thought she was sleeping. The husband of this dead woman had dementia and the woman had been taking care of him for years. The old fellow thought his wife was sleeping when actually she was slowly dying. Finally she did not wake up on the floor after falling for the fourth time so the fellow just sat in his chair doing nothing. Finally one of woman's children called to talk to their Mom the fellow told the adult child on the phone she was sleeping on their kitchen floor. The adult child came over immediately to find his aged mother dead. The old fellow had no clue his wife of 51 years had died in front of him on the kitchen floor. All week this woman was dying but she had to stay on her feet so she could make sure her husband was taken care of. Maybe she fell down in their kitchen as she was cooking her husband a meal? Now she is in Heaven and the old husband is wondering where is his wife? When their Pastor visited him to tell the old fellow of his wife's passing away he asked when the minister came to the door, "Is she dead?" The woman had been dying all week and finally she could not get back up so she fell down for the final time on her kitchen floor and died. We are all passing through. Here today and gone tomorrow.

1:15 p.m. - 2022-09-05


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