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One died for all

It is 11:41 AM late Monday morning here in Western Michigan. It is a wet cloudy gray day. There is NO sunshine this morning. It rained slightly this morning. We still have on our central air system. Carol and I are both sick with COVID-19. We tested ourselves again for COVID-19 and it was positive for the both of us. So once again we can not enter into any family gatherings down the street. Today Caleb was going to have a cook out for the whole family, but now Carol and I can't attend. What a time to get sick with Josiah and Hannah here for a short family visit. I was looking forward to holding Lydia and also being with Marika-Josie and Cora. Carol wants to be with her granddaughters but she is sick. Carol feels OK but she can't visit down the street till maybe Wednesday or Thursday. She just left to go pick up some medicine for me because I have a higher risk of getting sicker with COVID-19 due to health issues and old age.

I got up this morning around 7:15 AM. When I came upstairs Carol had already taken a COVID-19 test, which showed positive. I took a COVID-19 Test which also came up positive. I was hoping the COVID-19 Test would show Carol and I to be free of this deadly virus.

In my state of sickness I have been mainly reading these volumes over and over. I am preparing for the end.

'2 Corinthians' New Testament IXb [Reformation Commentary On Scripture]

'Theoretical-Practical Theology' Vol. 3 The Works of God and the Fall of Man By Petrus Van Mastricht

'The Life of Jesus Christ' Part Two Volume 2, Chapters 58-89 by Ludolph of Saxony

So the morning has gone by. In five minutes we will be in the Noontime hours of this day. All we can do is keeping praying for healing both physical and spiritual.

I will quote from my Reformation Commentary on Second Corinthians Chapter 5:11-6:2 pg. 158-

"The Whole Mystery Of Christ Is Taught Here. Heinrich Bullinger: Now Paul here describes in brief the whole mystery of Christ. First, he says, "Christ died for all." Second, he infers from this, "But if he died for all, it follows that all have died." And it follows from this that in the one death of Christ there is life, for if we experienced life through any other means, Christ would have died in vain. But this should certainly be understood in terms of expiation; accordingly, salvation is in Christ alone, and his name alone has been given to all men and women, and there is no salvation in any other person. It follows from this that those who are now living do not live by their work or strength, but by the power of the living God through Christ. Whence it now happens that all who are wise and imbued with the truth have been given the whole Christ, upon whom alone they depend and to whom alone they attribute all things. In him, they live-having been dead and resurrected from the dead-because he washed away their sins with his blood and restored them to life through the resurrection. Now, these are the central truths by which we consider the divine goodness. He redeems us, not through the law or by the blood of goats or bulls, but through the blood of his only-begotten Son, apart from all sacred flesh. COMMENTARY ON 2 CORINTHIANS 5:14-15.

I will close to wait for healing under the wings of the Almighty.

12:10 p.m. - 2022-08-08


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