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the great Easter mountain

It is 2:28 PM Saturday afternoon here in Western Michigan. It is another sunny day and it is 79 degrees. As I type one of our neighbors is mowing his lawn. This neighbor mow's his lawn a couple times a week. I try to mow our lawn maybe three times a month. I plan to mow our lawn next month. I am not into our lawn.

I got up this morning I think around 6:15 AM. I am really not sure what time I got up, but I recall it being early. When I came upstairs I Carol was reading her Bible. I won't go into what I did this morning in great detail, because my morning routine rarely changes.

Carol did go to the Holland Farmer's Market after we had devotions. I basically wrote in my paper diary this morning, I read from a book titled, 'With Christ Through the Year: The Liturgical Year In Word And Symbols' By Rev. Bernard Strasser, O.S.B. and made a short video.

Carol visited a friend who is dying of cancer and was gone for a couple of hours. She got home around 12:45 PM from her errand of mercy.

So this day goes by normal. I have been basically waiting out this day. Waiting to see what comes in the mail. I have been reading this afternoon from a book titled, 'The Modern Tradition: Backgrounds Of Modern Literature' Edited by Richard Ellmann & Charles Feidelberg, Jr.. Yesterday I mainly read all day from a paperback titled, 'A Manual For Cleaning Women' Selected Stories by Lucia Berlin.

Carol just went to bed to take a nap. I am not into taking naps. If I take a nap I can't go to sleep at night. Well I will close to wait. Tomorrow is the last day of July 2022. In August we will be in the eighth month of the Year 2022. Human history keeps heading towards the Day of Judgment.

Day of judgment! Day of wonders!
Hark! the trumpet’s awful sound,
Louder than a thousand thunders,
Shakes the vast creation round!
How the summons wilt the sinner’s heart confound!

See the Judge, our nature wearing,
Clothed in majesty divine!
You who long for His appearing
Then shall say, This God is mine!
Gracious Savior, own me in that day for Thine!

At His call the dead awaken,
Rise to life from earth and sea;
All the powers of nature shaken
By His look, prepare to flee.
Careless sinner, what will then become of thee?

Horrors, past imagination,
Will surprise your trembling heart,
When you hear your condemnation,
Hence, accursèd wretch, depart!
Thou, with Satan and his angels, have thy part!

Satan, who now tries to please you,
Lest you timely warning take,
When that word is past, will seize you,
Plunge you in the burning lake:
Think, poor sinner, thy eternal all’s at stake.

But to those who have confessèd,
Loved and served the Lord below,
He will say, Come near, ye blessèd,
See the kingdom I bestow;
You for ever shall My love and glory know.

Under sorrows and reproaches,
May this thought your courage raise!
Swiftly God’s great day approaches,
Sighs shall then be changed to praise.
We shall triumph when the world is in a blaze.

3:02 p.m. - 2022-07-30


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