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It is 11:11 AM Tuesday morning here in West Michigan. It is a cold damp gray morning. I do not know if we will ever seen sunshine again in this life. I have a deep feeling mankind is about to be destroyed by the Russians. I see throughout the earth demonic madness has seized the minds of men.

I got up this morning around 8 o'clock AM. When I came upstairs I found Carol working on her Woman's Bible Study on the Epistle of James. I got myself a cup of coffee and sat across from her seeking to wake up to a new day. I had a couple slices of raisin toast for breakfast along with a bowl of cereal. Carol and I had morning devotions. In the mornings we read 'New Morning Mercies' a devotional book by Paul Tripp. Tripp at the end of every meditation recommends a Scriptural passage to read out loud. After reading a portion of Scripture Carol and I have a time of prayer.

Carol left this morning to pick up Cora and then to do errands. Carol and Cora are now home and I am down in the lower level typing on my lap top computer. I read for devotions while Carol was gone from an old devotional book titled, 'Morning Exercises For The Closet: Every Day In The Yea' by William Jay published in 1828. I also read from William Jay's book titled, 'Prayers For The Use Of Families: Or, The Domestic Minister's Assistant' published in 1820.

Recently I bought an old used paperback titled, 'When The Century Was Young: A Writer's Notebook' by Dee Brown. When I bought this paperback by Dee Brown I knew I had other books by him. I searched for my Dee Brown books but could not locate them. I knew I would not have gotten rid of Dee Brown's classic book, 'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History Of The American West.' I had other books also by Dee Brown that I could not find. I searched for Dee Brown's books for a couple of days and then it dawned on me that the books by Dee Brown had been stored in a plastic container in a storage closet down in the lower level. I suddenly remembered that last Summer I shoved a plastic container filled with my American West books in this storage closed. So pulled out this plastic container and found a ton of books I thought I had given away last Summer when I got rid of a ton of books. Here is a list of books I found in this container-books I thought I had lost but now I have found-
'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of The American West' by Dee Brown
'Creek Mary's Blood' A Novel by Dee Brown
'Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow: Railroads In The West' by Dee Brown
'The American West' American history by Dee Brown
'The Westerners' American history by Dee Brown
'The Lance and The Shield: The Life and Times of Sitting Bull' biography by Robert M. Utley
'The Life Wild And Perilous: Mountain Men And The Paths To The Pacific' American history by Robert M. Utley
'Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas' biography by Mari Sandoz
'Southwest Homelands' essays by William Kittredge
'Lakota Woman' Autobiography by Mary Crow Dog
'Wilderness At Dawn: The Settling Of The North American Continent' American history by Ted Morgan
'The Myth Of The West: America as the Last Empire' by Jan Willem Schulte Nordholt
'Where White Men Fear to Tread' The Autobiography Of Russell Meanes With Marvin J. Wolf
'A Shovel Of Stars: The Making of the American West-1800 to the Present' by Ted Morgan
'Exploration & Empire: The Explorer and the Scientist in the Winning of the American West' by William H. Goetzmann
'The Frontiersmen: A Narrative' by Allan W. Eckert
'In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse' history by Peter Matthiessen
'Trail Of Tears: The Rise And Fall Of The Cherokee Nation' by John Ehle
'The Men Who Wear The Star: The Story Of The Texas Rangers' by Charles M. Robinson III
'The First Americans: A Story of North American Archaeology' by C. W. Ceram
'Kearny's March" The Epic Creation of the American West, 1846-1847' by Winston Groom
'38 Nooses: Lincoln, Little Crow, And The Beginning Of The Frontier's End' by Scott W. Berg
'Nothing Like It In The World: The Men Who Built The Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869' by Stephen E. Ambrose
'Blood And Thunder: An Epic Of The American West' by Hampton Sides
'A Sorrow In Our Heart: The Life Of Tecumseh' biography by Allan W. Eckert
'The Sun Dance People: The Plains Indians, their past and present' by Richard Erdoes
'Frederic Remington: Selected Writings' Compiled by Frank Oppel

It is 12:10 PM Tuesday afternoon. Time to close to eat lunch. I am glad I found the above books on the American West. I love America.

12:21 p.m. - 2022-04-26


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