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He is the bread of life

It is 3:22 PM Monday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is 20 degrees and snowing right now. Carol is planning to go outside soon and shovel some snow and to fill our bird feeder.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. I woke up this morning around 6 o'clock AM, but could not find the courage to go upstairs and face another day. Yesterday was a super hard day and did not want to go through another bad day. But I decided to get up and get going on the day. I told myself I can go upstairs eat something, have a cup of coffee, take my pills, and Xanax. When I came upstairs Carol was till in bed. I put the Valentine Day card by her place at our dining room table. Carol and I always exchange Valentine Day cards. We are in love now going on 43 years. It is a blessing to be married and in love. Carol bought me a Starbuck cup that keeps your coffee hot all the time, which was sweet of her to get me. I am always warming up my coffee in the microwave and now I don't have to go through that trouble.

Carol fixed us breakfast and after we ate we had devotions. I left to volunteer at our local library used bookstore The Book Nook at 9:40 AM. The Book Nook was not busy so I read from a book I found at the Book Nook this morning that was published in 1939 titled, 'There Is No Return' a memoir by Philip Jordan (who was journalist for a radical British newspaper). I read in this memoir by Philip Jordan the chapter where he is covering the Spanish Civil War in Spain. I also bought today at the Book Nook a DVD movie Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey. I also bought a used table book titled, 'The Human Animal In Western Art And Science' Art History by Martin Kemp.

After my volunteer shift on the way home I stopped and mail something at Paul's Pharmacy and then went next door to Bible's For Mexico thrift store to look at their used books. I found these old used books for $1.57-

'Attack and Die: Civil War Military Tactics and the Southern Heritage' by Grady McWhiney & Perry D. Jamieson

'How Right You Are, Jeeves' British humor by P. G. Wodehouse

'Classics Walks Of The World' travel book Edited by Walt Unsworth

When I got home from my travels Carol had cooked a big meal, so we ate and then I wrote in my paper diary. Now I am writing in my online diaries. I plan to doze after writing in my online diaries this evening.

Last night Carol and I watched Superbowl LVI and went to bed around 10:45 PM. I was not surprised that the LA Charger's won against the Bengals. It was though a close game, not a blow out. I mainly read last night, 'Jonathan Edwards: Spiritual Writings' [The Classics of Western Spirituality]. Well, I suppose I will close to feel tired. We are in the middle of the month of February already!

4:09 p.m. - 2022-02-14


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