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my refuge and support was in contemplation of the heavenly state

It is 3:17 PM Sunday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a bitter cold sunny moment. Who know what the next moment will be in the flow of Time. It has been predicted to snow tonight into tomorrow. All I know is that I am cold to the bone and feel sick tired. Once again my sciatica woke my up at 4 o'clock AM. So I got up in the cold darkness put on my clothes, turned on the space heater and sat laid on the sofas half awake and half asleep. Finally around 7:10 AM I had enough and came upstairs to find Carol getting dressed in winter gear to go shovel snow off our driveway. I made myself a portion of oatmeal and ate in silence weariness exhaustion despair. After I ate my oatmeal I wrote in my paper diary and then Carol came in from shoveling snow. We had morning devotions and then Carol left to attend church around 8:25 AM. While Carol was gone I wrote in my paper diary, filmed a video, fed the birds, cleaned the kitchen and read from a book titled, 'Jonathan Edwards: Spiritual Writings' [The Classics of Western Spirituality].

Carol got home from church around 1:10 PM. When she got home I suddenly lost sight in my left eye for few minutes. Carol checked my blood pressure and took my pulse. Carol is a retired nurse and checked to see if I was having a stroke. I spent the afternoon mainly dozing in my living room chair. I woke myself up so as to write in my online diaries about my journey to God the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is not much else to report right now. I am not feeling well so I will close to go back and sit in my chair with my eyes closed mentally praying for divine and physical healing. I just remembered I did read this afternoon a short story from the book titled, 'Nights In The Gardens Of Brooklyn' short stories by Harvey Swados. I also read from this book last night, 'Nights In The Gardens Of Brooklyn'.

Also last night our son Josiah texted me and then I called him on my cell phone and talked to him for a few minutes. We found out this afternoon that our daughter Beth has COVID-19 again. It seems in her household there is always someone sick.

It is a new week, we are going into the middle of the month. This coming Tuesday I see my therapist for a session where I talk. I wish there was someone I could go to that could perform miracles, cure me of my sciatica and tinnitus. I am weary of always feelings bad. But all you can do is pray to the Lord for healing and grace to face what comes your way good or bad. I should mention someone Carol and I have been praying for died yesterday evening, he was 56 years old, he died from cancer.

3:40 p.m. - 2022-02-13


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