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He spoke everything to us at once in this sole Word-and He has no more to say

It is 2 o'clock PM Wednesday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a gray day and 38 degrees outside. The snow has turned to slush. Soon the slush will turn to chunks of ice.

I am tired as usual, because I got woke up around 5 o'clock AM with Sciatica pain in my right leg. So I got up and go dressed, turned on my portable electric heater and dozed on a couch. I woke myself up around 6:15 AM to go upstairs to greet my wife for the day. I had already take some Ibuprofen and Xanax and wanted to put on top of these drugs oatmeal. It is not good to take drugs on an empty stomach. So when I came upstairs I found my wife having morning devotions. I made for my wife and I a pot of oatmeal. When you get old the highlight of a day is a bowl of hot oatmeal. So many millions know nothing having a bowl of oatmeal to eat as the world slowly dies.

After breakfast my wife read Tripp's devotional book 'New Morning Mercies' and we prayed. After we prayed I messed with our main computer. Carol left to do errands and I left the house around 9:45 AM for a foot doctor's appointment. At the foot doctor's as I waited I read 'The Ascent of Mount Carmel' by St. John of the Cross. After my foot doctor's appointment before going Home I visited two local thrift stores to look for old used books to ADD to my library and found these used books-

'Red Sky At Sunrise' An Autobiography Trilogy' By Laurie Lee

'Boy Island' A Novel by Camden Joy

'The Maid's Version' A Novel by Daniel Woodrell

'The Vikings: The Background To A Fierce And Fascination Civilization' by Johannes Brondsted Translated By Kalle Skov

'Make Way for Lucia Part Five The Worshipful Lucia' British Humor novel by E. F. Benson

'On Creativity And The Unconscious: Papers on the Psychology of Art, Literature, Love, & Religion' by Sigmund Freud Selected, with introduction and Annotations by Benjamin Nelson

'The Work Of Sartre" Volume 1 'Search For Freedom' by Istvan Meszaros

'Dangling In The Tournefortia' poetry by Charles Bukowski

'The Private Lives Of Winston Churchill' biography by John Pearson

'The Historical Atlas Of The Celtic World' by Dr. Ian Barnes

I got all old used books for three dollars. A steal for an old over hill Christian bookworm. What would this fallen American Empire be without old used books to read as everything goes up in flames?

In the mail this afternoon I received these NEW books-

'God of All Comfort: A Trinitarian Response to the Horrors of This World' by Scott Harrower [Studies In Historical Systematic Theology]

'Darkwater: Voices From Within The Veil' essays by W.E.B. Du Bois

'One-Way Street' essays by Walter Benjamin Introduction by Susan Sontag

So this day goes by. All I have attempted to read today is 'Ascent of Mount Carmel' by St. John of the Cross. I will close to wait for my wife to come home from her errands.

2:43 p.m. - 2022-01-12


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