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It is 12:36 PM Tuesday afternoon here in West Michigan. I suppose we are really situated in the middle west part of the state of Michigan. We live on the West part of the state of Michigan and not the east part of the state. We live in the Midwest. I always tell folks when they ask me where I am from I tell them from the West Coast the San Francisco Bay Area Oakland Calif. is where my mother gave me birth. My mother died in December of 1968, killed by a speeding ambulance.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. When I came upstairs Carol was getting ready to leave the house to do errands. Before she left she read Tripp's devotional book, 'New Morning Mercies' and we prayed. After Carol left to do her running around I wrote in my paper diary, filmed a video for my Youtube channel and read from a book titled, 'The Life of Jesus Christ' Part Two, Volume 1, Chapters 1-57 By Ludolph of Saxony.

I left our house around 10:05 AM to check out a used books sale at the Bluestocking's Book Shop. I got these used books for nothing (the used books sale was a dollar a plastic bag sale and we had a coupon for two dollars, I bought two plastic bag of old used books)-

'The Empathy Exams: Essays' by Leslie Jamison

'Story Of My Life' Fiction By Jay McInerney

'Rosshalde' A Novel by Hermann Hesse Translated By Ralph Manheim

'The Spiritual Tourist: A Personal Odyssey Through The Outer Reaches Of Belief' Comparative Religion/Memoir By Mick Brown

'Pudd'nhead Wilson' A Novel by Mark Twain

'Lyndon Johnson & the American Dream' biography by Doris Kearns

'The Years Of Dreaming Dangerously' Social History by Slavoj Zizek

'A Scattering Of Salts' Poems By James Merrill

'Studies In Dogmatics: Sin' by G. C. Berkouwer

'Out Of This World' A Novel by Graham Swift

'Honky' A Memoir by Dalton Conley

'Uncle Tom's Children' Short Stories by Richard Wright

'William Butler Yeats: Twayne's English Author Series' Editor Kinley E. Roby

'Essays on the Lord's Supper' by Oscar Cullmann & F. J. Leenhardt

'Lives of the Poets: The Story Of One Thousand Years Of English And American Poetry' by Louis Untermeyer

'Bonaparte In Egypt' Middle Eastern History/Biography by J. Christopher Herold

'And The Hippos Were Boiled In Their Tanks' A Novel by Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs read by Ray Porter unabridged A Blackstone Auto Book

I left Bluestocking Books Shop around 11:05 AM, drove home to have lunch. When I got home I found Carol home cleaning her bedroom closet, which she is still doing. My wife must end each day knowing she has been productive/accomplished something/done a good deed/not wasted Time Time Time.

I ate lunch and then left to fill my old rusty Dodge van with gas and then drove home to go through Time Time Time. Now I am writing in my online diaries.

Last night we watched Professional Football and read from books. Carol went to bed around 10:10 PM and I soon afterwards went down into the lower level to go to bed. I mainly read yesterday a used book Carol bought me at the Bluestocking Used Books Sale titled, 'The Man Who Would Be King-The First American In Afghanistan' biography by Ben Macintyre.

I will close to face Time Time Time

1:17 p.m. - 2021-12-28


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