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the Son's own being is the offspring of the Father's essence

It is 3:08 PM Wednesday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is another hot sunny humid day. We have been experiencing early Summer weather lately.

I got up this morning around 6:30 AM. Carol was already up when I got up to face my life here on earth. We never know when the Lord will end our days here on earth. We have no control over the day of our death/departure into the Eternal State. I made a fresh pot of coffee when I got up because I noticed Carol had been drinking coffee made last night. After making coffee I messed with our main computer and then wrote in my paper diary.

Carol and I had devotions and then Carol left to make a call on a widow from her church who is 94 years old and still lives at home. I spent the morning reading and writing in my diary. I set the chipmunk trap and caught one, so I had to leave the house to set the creature free. I decided to set the chipmunk free in a plot of ground by the Action House Thrift Store. After setting the chipmunk free I went into Action House to see what used books they might have that I might want for our library. I found these used books today at Action House-

'Seven Gothic Tales' by Isak Dinesen

'The Hundred Days' A Novel by Patrick O'Brian

'Whose America Is This-How Our Words Unite, Divide, And Define A Nation' American History by Stephen Prothero

'Liberty And Freedom-A Visual History of America's Founding Ideas' American History by David Hackett Fischer (I have another book by Fischer titled, 'Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America'.)

When I got home from Action House I ate lunch and wrote some more stuff in my paper diary. Carol arrived home from her visit with a aged Christian widow. I decided to mow the back yard and water our Plant Kingdom. After doing yard chores I cleaned up and wrote in my paper diary. Now I am writing in my online diaries.

Last night I finished reading the book, 'Mrs. Adams In Winter: A Journey In The Last Days Of Napoleon' biography by Michael O'Brien. I started reading last night, 'John Quincy Adams: American Visionary' biography Fred Kaplan. I went to bed around 11:15 PM last night. So has gone my momentary existence in this fallen world.

I did read this morning from these two books-

'The Life of Jesus Christ' Part One Volume 2 Chapters 41-92 by Ludolph of Saxony

'God In Himself: Scripture, Metaphysics, and the Task of Christian Theology' by Steven J. Duby.

I have been richly blessed reading 'God In Himself' by Steven J. Duby. Wonderful Gospel of God preaching/teaching found in the book, 'God In Himself'.

I will close to read and write. Tomorrow is a Thursday in the death flow.

3:31 p.m. - 2021-06-09


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