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Orthodoxy was unconsciousness

It is 2:51 PM Tuesday afternoon here in the Dead Zone. It is a sunny cloudy day here in west Michigan. A good day for a gun battle.

This morning when I got up at 6:35 AM I found Carol home from work. She got out early this morning, because she went in early last night for a nurse. I immediately cooked myself breakfast when I got up. I ate a big morning meal and then wrote in my paper diary. After writing in my paper diary I messed with our main computer. I responded to comments posted on the video I filmed last night for my Youtube channel.

Carol went to bed around 7:30 AM and I left for the library around 10:15 AM to help pack the used books that did not sell at the Friends of the Library used books sale. I left the library around 12:30 PM and I brought home these used books that I bought from the left over used books-

'The Complete Works of Guy De Maupassant' 16 Volumes Translations and Critical and Interpretative Essays by Alfred De Sumichrast published 1917

'Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack Room Ballads' By Richard Kipling

'Under the Deodars, The Phantom 'Rickshaw' & Wee Willie Winkie' by Richard Kipling

'A History Of Britain: At The Edge Of The World 3500 B.C. -1603 A.D.' by Simon Schama

'A History Of Britain' Volume II 'The Wars Of The British 1603-1776' by Simon Schama

'A History Of Britain' Volume III 'The Fate Of Empire 1776-2000' by Simon Schama

'Americana And Other Poems' by John Updike

'Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce' A Poem by Robert Penn Warren

'To Walt Whitman, America' a literary study by Kenneth M. Price

'Sorties' by James Dickey

'The Sound Of Things Falling' A Novel by Juan Gabriel Vasquez Translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean

'Beyond Your Doorstep: A Handbook To The Country' Nature Writing by Hal Borland

'Homeland: A Report From The Country' Nature Writing by Hal Borland

'Cockroach' a novel by Rawi Hage

'All Aunt Hagar's Children: Stories' by Edward P. Jones

'Music for Wartime: Stories' by Rebecca Makkai

'The Art of the Novel' literary study by Milan Kundera Translated from the French by Linda Asher

'You Are Not A Stranger Here: Stories' by Adam Haslett

'Leave It To Me' A Novel by Bharati Mukherjee

'Samaritan' a crime novel by Richard Price

'An Unfinished Season' A Novel by Ward Just

'Metropolis found: New York Country 25th Anniversary Collection'

OK that is done writing out a list of the used books I bought home today from the Friends of the Library used books sale remains. That was exhausting!

So Time keeps killing me. The time is now 3:20 PM. I need to close shop and head for the hills.

This morning I really did not read anything before leaving for the Herrick District Public Library. I am very tired these days. Life is one ball and chain. I will close to wait it out.

3:27 p.m. - 2019-07-23


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