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It is 4:08 PM Thursday afternoon here in west Michigan. It is sunny day, but not too warm though. Carol and I worked outside this afternoon mowing the lawn and pulling weeds. I planted wild flower seeds in our wild flower garden. Tomorrow I plan to buy some dirt to pile on top of the seeds I planted. I think the seeds need more dirt on top of them to bloom.

Carol was gone most of the morning and afternoon doing a presentation at her church on a Living Will to a group of old people The Golden Oldies.

I did leave the house this morning to visit two local thrift stores to look for used books to add to our library. I found these used books today-

'A Year in the Main Woods' Nature memoir by Bernd Heinrich

'Echoes Of Distant Thunder: Life In The United States 1914-1918' by Edward Robb Ellis

'From Dawn To Decadence 1500 To The Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life' by Jacques Barzun

'Jacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, And The Great American Land Grab' by Steve Inskeep

'Early Flight" From Balloons to Biplanes' Edited by Frank Oppel

'The Good Lord Bird' a novel by James McBride

'Dickson in Her Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle Of Her Life, Drawn From Recollections, Interviews, And Memoirs By Family, Friends, And Associates' Edited by Jane Donahue Eberwein, Stephanie Farrar, and Christanne Miller

'Casanova in Bolzano' a novel by Sandor Marai Translated from the Hungarian George Szirtes

'The Forgotten Waltz' a novel by Anne Enright

'Delicious Foods' a novel by James Hannaham

When I got home around Noon no one was home. I cataloged the used books I bought that morning into my LibraryThing site. I ate lunch and then I worked outside. In the mail I received a used book I had ordered titled, 'Going Native' a novel by Stephen White.

During the morning hours I read for devotions from a book titled, 'The Beauty of The Lord: Theology As Aesthetics' by Jonathan King. Last night I read late into the night from a book titled, 'Theoretical-Practical Theology-Prolegomena' Volume 1 by Petrus Van Mastricht Translated By Todd M, Rester Edited By Joel R. Beeke. I pre-ordered yesterday Volume 2 of 'Theoretical-Practical Theology-Faith in the Triune God' by Petrus Van Mastricht coming out next month.

Well not much else to report this evening. I also read yesterday more of the book, 'The Bookshop of the World: Making and Trading Books in the Dutch Golden Age' by Andrew Pettergree & Arthur der Weduwen.

I will close to rest. Carol just left to pick up take out Mexican food for dinner. Tomorrow is a Friday. I volunteer at the local library used books store tomorrow morning. Tomorrow evening our oldest son Caleb and I will pick up two book cases that someone gave me. I need to clear a space down in the lower level for these two book cases. I will close.

4:43 p.m. - 2019-05-23


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