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the South wins the war of Northern Agression

It is in the death flow 1:59 PM Saturday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a gray humid rainy day here where we are living out our days.

I have had a normal day thus far. I got up around 7:15 AM and got dressed to go grocery shopping with Carol. Because Carol works the next three days there was no time for her to stock up on specials before Josiah, Hannah's and baby Mairka's visit next week. So this morning I got dressed to face the mob before waking up. At a grocery store I followed my wife around and then we paid for our stuff and drove home. We put away the supplies and Carol left walking in the rain around the block for a Woman's Bible Study. When she came up to the front door and knocked a college girl came to the door and told Carol her mother (the leader of the Woman's Bible Study) was out of town and she knew nothing about any Woman's Bible Study. So Carol walked home in the rain and now she is sleeping since she works tonight and the next two nights. Apparently no one at her church cared to informed Carol that there was no Woman's Bible Study this week.

I have been drinking coffee, writing in my paper diary, and reading from these books today-

'The Gospel Of John: A Commentary' by Frederick Dale Bruner

'John' Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators [The Church's Bible]

Nothing came in the mail for me today (no Father's Day cards).

I do not remember much about last night. I think Carol and I watched News and read books till bedtime. We went to bed early. Since we are old people we go to bed early. There is no reason for old people to stay up late.

I am trying to remember what was the last book I attempted to read last night. I think it was,'The Gospel Of John: A Commentary' by Frederick Dale Bruner. I now remember last night I spent time in the lower level library searching for a book that I found titled, 'Vampires In The Lemon Grove And Other Stories' by Karen Russell. I got yesterday at the library Book Nook Russell's novel 'Swamplandia!'. I wanted to put both these books together by Karen Russell so that is why I went searching for it last night. I like to after everything where is suppose to be down in the book chaos.

I have carrying around today a book I recently found at a local thrift store titled, 'The Guns of the South' a historical fiction fantasy by Harry Turtledove THE MASTER OF ALTERNATE HISTORY DEPICTS THE ULTIMATE REVERSAL: THE SOUTH WINS THE CIVIL WAR.

Well I suppose I will close to drag my ass through the rest of the day.

2:18 p.m. - 2018-06-16


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