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It is 6:24 AM Friday morning here by Lake Michigan. I am waking up to another day of my life. I do not know how many days I have left here. My life is in the Lord's hands. I am headed to Glory so why flip out.

I thought I would make a list of the books I have been seeking to read or want to read next month. I plan to make a video for my BookTube channel where I show these books. Here are the books on my TBR table-

'Voyager: Travel Writings' by Russell Banks

'A Rebel In Defense Of Tradition: The Life and Politics of Dwight Macdonald' by Michael Wreszin

'A Moral Temper: The Letters of Dwight Macdonald' Edited with an Introduction by Michael Wreszin

'Masscult And Midcult: Essays Against The American Grain' by Dwight Macdonald

'The Last Intellectuals: American Culture In The Age Of Academe' by Russell Jacoby

'The Invention of Angela Carter: A Biography' by Edmund Gordon

'Shaking A Leg: Collected Writings' by Angela Carter

'The Bloody Chamber And Other Stores' by Angela Carter

'Henry David Thoreau: A Life' by Laura Dassow Walls

'The Journals 1837-1861' by Henry Thoreau Edited by Damion Searls

'Walden' by Henry David Thoreau

'Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self' biography by Claire Tomalin

'The Shorter Pepys' by Samuel Pepys Selected And Edited By Robert Latham

'A Pepys Anthology: Passages from the Diaries of Samuel Pepys' Selected and Edited by Robert and Linnet Latham

'The Diary Of Samuel Pepys' Volume 1 For The Years 1659-64

'The Diary Of Samuel Pepys' Volume 2 For The Years 1665-69

'Young Radicals In The War For American Ideals' by Jeremy McCarter

'The Luminaries' a novel by Eleanor Catton

'Psychography' by Merlin Coverley

'The Art of Wandering: The Writer As Walker' by Merlin Coverley

'A Sideways Look At Time' essays by Jay Griffiths

'Haussmann Or The Distinction' a novel by Paul LaFarge

'Phone' a novel by Will Self

'Leg Over Leg' Volume One And Two by Ahmad Faris Al-Shidyaq Translated By Humphrey Davies

I have been reading the above books for the last couple of months and plan to continue reading them next month.

So it is a new day and I am slowly waking up to the fact there is no way of escape. This morning Carol leaves to have an early lunch with friends. I have no plans for the day ahead of me. Existence keeps speeding by.

I did not mention yet the books I have been reading for devotions in the mornings this month and plan to continue reading during the month of August 2017-

The Holy Bible

'Sons in the Son: The Riches and Reach of Adoption in Christ' by David B. Garner

'The Book Of Jeremiah' [The Bible in Medieval Tradition] Joy A. Schroeder translator and editor

'Covenant and Commandment: Works, obedience and faithfulness in the Christian life' by Bradley G. Green [New Studies In Biblical Theology]

'The Benedict Option: A Strategy For Christians In A Post-Christian Nation' by Rod Dreher

'The Deep Things Of God how the Trinity Changes Everything' by Fred Sanders

'I Corinthians' New Testament IXa [Reformation Commentary On Scripture] Edited By Scott M. Manetsch

'The Path Of Christianity: The First Thousand Years' by John Anthony McGuckin

As you can tell from my current reading list I have a lot on my mind as I drift through the last days of American Empire. It would be nice to have someone to discuss the above books with, but Christians do not read these days.

I suppose I will close to write in my paper diary and read my devotional books. It will soon be over.

7:02 a.m. - 2017-07-28


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