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It is in the death flow 12:39 PM Wednesday afternoon. It has been raining since last night. I am sure there are all over West Michigan flash flood warnings.

I got up this morning around 6:30 AM. I got up to a rain storm this morning. I made a pot of coffee and got oatmeal ready to make when Carol would arise from a state of sleep. I got a glass of ice water and walked over to our main computer. I go to our main computer each morning to read or to find out what horrible things have happened in the world since I went to bed the night before. I never go to our main computer expecting to read Good News, but only Bad News. I wonder if any good things happens in the world on a large scale. While on the computer I check for e-mail and then I watch at videos on BookTube.

When Carol got up I made a pot of oatmeal and then ate my mush. After breakfast I did not feel like reading any of my Christian books. These days I do not know what to get into spiritually. So this morning I just looked at the used books we found yesterday afternoon at a thrift store in Hamilton and wrote in my paper diary. Carol and I yesterday afternoon drove to our Vet's to pick up a paw print made in clay they made for us (charged us $8.00 dollars) of Rudy. I did not want to pick the clay paw clay print but Carol had already paid for it when we had to put little Rudy to sleep. I hate wasting money so Carol and I drove to Hamilton and got the clay paw print and then visited a thrift store there in Hamilton. Where I worked for 15 years is right by this thrift store. I am so thankful I am no longer hauling eggs for a pay check! We found these used books at this thrift store-

'Grassland: The History, Biology, Politics, and Promise of the American Prairie' by Richard Manning

'Fitzgerald: Novels and Stories 1920-1922 'This Side of Paradise', Flappers and Philosophers', The Beautiful and Damned, 'Tales of the Jazz Age' ' [The Library Of America]

'The World of Gerard Mercator: The Mapmaker Who Revolutionized Geography' by Andrew Taylor

'Martin Eden' a novel by Jack London

When we got home from running around the howling Wasteland I found in our mail box among our mail a used book I had ordered from Amazon titled, 'A Moral Temper: The Letters of Dwight Macdonald' Edited with an Introduction by Michael Wreszin.

I do not feel like reporting what I did yesterday during the late afternoon and evening hours since I did nothing but feel tired.

This morning I did leave the house to pick up an order of black & tan coffee beans. While out getting our fresh coffee beans I did visit local thrift stores searching for used books to add to our library. I found only one used book titled, 'The Unknown Matisse: A Life Of Henri Matisse: The Early Years, 1869-1908' volume one of a two volume biography by Hilary Spurling. I have two other books by Hilary Spurling in our library, 'Paul Scott: A Life' and 'La Grande Therese: The Greatest Scandal Of The Century'. I also this morning I bought another used Bible for my Bible collection titled, 'HOLY BIBLE The 1917 Scofield Reference Edition'-Words of Christ in Red-King James Version-published by Stonehaven Press. We have a old New Scofield Reference Bible but not a 1917 Scofield edition.

Well, existence keeps decaying faster and faster. I suppose I will close to face what comes next down the turn pike.

1:24 p.m. - 2017-07-12


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